Background Profile

PT. Purnama Sari Mandiri was established in 2004, as a grade 6-5 construction company located in palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. PT Purnama Sari mandiri is supported by management with more than 20-year experiences in construction.

It has been embodied as part of our mission to assist customers through Commitment, Knowledge and to Deliver satisfactory results. We collaborate with customers to provide and refine proposed solutions, empower local communities as part of our supply and work partners, continuously improve operational effectiveness, reassure commitment to accomplish projects as per scheduled.

Supported by resources in various positions, we respect individual differences as means to grow stronger together.

Through results and achievement, we hope to pave our identity as a thrustworthy partner in fully answering customers' needs.

PT. Purnama Sari Mandiri experiences include:
- Housing, workshop, two-storey, and common-facility building.
- Watergate, bridge, box culvert, circular culvert, and foot bridge.
- Water Treatment Plant, Water Intake Plant, Booster Plant, Deepwell-water Boring.
- Water pipeline installation (HDPE, PVC)

Our scope of work include working in far-reaching areas (ex: Plantation estates) where access, weather and limited supporting materials often become challanging conditions that needs to be monitored very colely.

Work Area: Palembang, Musi Rawas, Musi Banyuasin, Ogan Komering Ilir.

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